Monday, March 7, 2011

Lucy and Dad

DSC_0035 by franksyness
DSC_0035 a photo by franksyness on Flickr.

I love it when stuff happens!

Before reading any further, check this out. This is from the Hall of Fame Page!

Congrats..! Congrats...! Congrats....!

We are proud to congratulate our student who acheived A GRADE during the grading test held on 25/02/2011 under the supervision of ALI MUHAMMED (KYOSHI)

Name:   Liam Isaac Frank
Roll No:   14013
DOJO:   Khalidiya
Nationality:   Canadian
Promoted From:   9-KYU To 7-KYU
Instructor:   Sensei Shakir, Sensei Fayad

Liam received his green belt in karate (a double promotion) and Lucy her yellow (a colour she much prefers over green she'll have you know).It's not that I'm boasting about my children. It's not that I take pride in the fact that my kid could could probably kick your kid's butt. It that something different happened this past week which gives me fodder for blog, and how I love fodder. My life has been consumed with work and with a couple of books I'm reading which ain't too exciting and Julie's been managing the routines of the household, which, as you might imagine, ain't too exciting. So that leaves us to live vicariously through our children, something I swore I'd never do. I mean, really, I had always planned on having a life sufficiently interesting to not have to depend on the accomplishments of my children. Alas, I must admit that my life has turned out to be considerably less interesting than planned. I think that's a mark of growing up, admitting how much you bore yourself.